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Trademark Home Additions Calgary

Home Additions Calgary 

Home additions Calgary division of Trademark Renovations is a solution to housing issues in the city. Livings in the urban areas is getting more difficult by the day, no thanks to the increase in the price of houses. If you feel your home is too small to contain your family, moving into a new home is not the best alternative, because moving is expensive, stressful and consumes valuable time.

Staying in your current home comes with a lot of benefits, if you feel your home is too small, the good news is; there is a better alternative which is “home addition”. You will be spending less, compared to when you sell your current home to buy a new one consider the cost of moving and other expenses.

Some home owners are scared – renovations, make them uncomfortable, specially when we are talking about home additions. Nevertheless, adding to your current home is easier than moving out. Let’s look at it from this perspective; a small-sized bungalow in the city center is far more expensive than a larger home in the suburbs. Why move when you can remodel the bungalow to fit your increasing needs? Our home additions Calgary division will take you through every step of the way. Some of the advantages of home addition are:

  • Addition helps create more living space
  • Creates extra room for increasing family population
  • It gives you additional home value
  • It is more affordable compared to moving out
  • Helps gives your home a new look

Here are some of the possible improvement you can make to your home if you feel your current space is no longer enough

Second Floor Addition

If your one-storey building has limited bedrooms or leg rooms, You can add a space over the top; this will not occupy extra space on the plot. Adding a second story is a very significant home addition, its close to a complete tear-down and rebuilding of the existing home. If you are uncomfortable with your home being in shamble while the addition takes place, you can go for lesser inconveniencing options.

Above Garage Room Addition

If your garage is standing free, or with unused space above it, you can utilize the space above to make additional rooms. The new structure will be the size on the garage below, so you can divide it into more than one rooms, depending on the structure of your home. This addition will help you get extra space for your kids who are too old to share a room; the addition could also be used for home office or extra storage space. Space could also be turned into a private living space.

Rear Side or Front Home Addition

If you have extra land within your plot that you are willing to build over, you can make use of it to create extra space. Home addition will not just create an extra room; it will also expand the existing room within your building.

Room Addition

If you no longer like your tiny kitchen, or you need space for your bar. Then a room addition is exactly what you need; the expansion will increase the space you have within the room, by cutting off from another area within the buildings or the land outside.

It is apparent that you have numerous options when you want to expand your home. A home addition is less stressful than moving, and it gives you various options without losing your current home. A home addition is a perfect solution if you need more rooms am you are not willing to sell your current home.

If you’re interested in working with Trademark, feel free to contact us via our contact form.